• WorkFusion: Provider of full-stack AI-enabled Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution suite for business-critical tasks spanning multiple applications and data silos

  • Osaro: Developer of deep reinforcement learning-based AI software platform that enables enhanced perception, reaction and control in real-time robotics environments

  • AnotherBrain: Developer of biologically-inspired Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and related tools and solutions, with embedded AI delivering autonomous learning

  • SenseTime: Developer of deep learning technology-based computer vision solutions deployed in a broad range of consumer and enterprise applications

  • Deep Instinct: Provider of advanced deep learning technology-based cybersecurity products and solutions for threat detection and prevention at the edge

  • Yewno: Developer of dynamically evolving knowledge graphs that provide inference strength across concepts, events and themes using computational linguistics and deep learning

  • AI Music: Developer of music augmentation technology that transforms linear music to personalized music with dynamic audio ads and content creation tools

  • Airobotics: Pioneer of autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) hardware and software platform providing fully-automated aerial data collection and analysis

  • Cornami: Developer of a generalized hardware processor architecture for streaming computation optimized for high performance, low power consumption and low latency

  • Rigetti: Developer of superconducting quantum integrated circuits and quantum cloud service to deploy full-stack solutions for hybrid quantum computing

  • Lark: Provider of AI-augmented health coaching service through context-aware and hyper-personalized care platform to drive chronic disease management and prevention at scale

  • X-37: Drug-discovery company leveraging 3D-convolutional deep neural networks for structure-based drug design coupled with solid in-house drug-development capabilities

  • Envelop: Developer of sophisticated machine learning analytics tools to provide cyber underwriting to insurers and reinsurers

Portfolio Exits

  • QxBranch: Developer of quantum-software platform and solutions with predictive analytics, as well as forecasting and optimization capabilities for quantum computing.
    Exit: Acquired by Rigetti in July 2019, to jointly expand ability to deliver quantum algorithms, solutions and services