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Sensetime – Listed on HKEX

Developer of deep learning technology-based computer vision solutions deployed in a broad range of consumer and enterprise application.

Envelop Risk Analytics

Developer of sophisticated machine learning analytics tools to provide cyber underwriting to insurers and reinsurers.


Provider of AI-powered video analytics and data insights to enhance human workers' potential on industrial production floors.

Deep Instinct​​

Provider of advanced deep learning technology-based cybersecurity products and solutions for threat detection and prevention at the edge.


Developer of a generalized hardware processor architecture for streaming computation optimized for high performance, low power consumption and low latency.


A B2B software company providing data-interoperability while guaranteeing semantic integrity and reducing the uncertainty and time-to-value for large scale data integration and data migration projects.


Pioneer and leading developer of Process Mining solutions to enterprises across industries globally. First “Decacorn” startup from Germany


Developer of biologically-inspired Application-Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) and related tools and solutions, with embedded AI delivering autonomous learning.


Provider of AI-augmented health coaching service through context-aware and hyper-personalized care platform to drive chronic disease management and prevention at scale.


Developer of dynamically evolving knowledge graphs that provide inference strength across concepts, events and themes using computational linguistics and deep learning.

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